Grand fireplace in Oak Alley Plantation between New Orleans and Baton Rouge

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Grand fireplace in Oak Alley Plantation between New Orleans and Baton Rouge
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Image by denisbin
This wonderful plantation was built in 1837 and it is also one of the most filmed for movies and TV series. The two storey Greek Revival style building has an encircling upper balcony. It was not for decoration. It was so that the family could move to any side of the house to catch the slightest of breezes which would make it feel cooler and reduce the likelihood of contracting malaria or Yellow Fever. Twenty eight Doric columns flank all sides of the totally square house with a front to back passage way. The Roman family, of French Creole ancestry lived here and had the house built. A brother of the home owner was also a Creole Governor of Louisiana. Although the house was not damaged during the Civil War it was sold in 1866 for a pittance as the plantation was not a large estate and it was by then no longer economically viable. Successive owners all failed at making a profit from the plantation. Fortunately the house was purchased in 1925 by Andrew and Josephine Stewart who had the house restored after it had been used as a barn and storage place. Josephine was the last person to live in it and bequeathed it to Oak Alley Foundation in 1972 so that it would be opened for the public to enjoy. The plantation has some historic gardens, a few slave cabins, and the stunning Oak Alley. The double Oak Alley is 800 ft long and is also 300 years old. At the end of the Alley is the levee and you can see the great ships travelling up the Mississippi to Baton Rouge.

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The land Dunleith sits on has a long history. There was originally another home here named Routhland, but it burned after a lightning strike in 1855. Mary Routh Ellis Dahlgren, the daughter of the original owner of Routhland, and her husband Charles Dahlgren, rebuilt the following year. However, Mary died a short three years later and Dahlgren had to sell the property to settle the estate. The new owner renamed the home Dunleith.
A side note: Dalhgren was a successful banker since before his marriage to Mary and was a Confederate Brigadier General during the Civil War.

Dunleith became a social center after being purchased in 1886 by Joseph Carpenter. The Carpenters hosted some of Natchez’s most lavish parties at the time. In 1976, William Heins purchased the house and turned it into a bed and breakfast. But the house really came back to life when purchased in 1999 by Mrs. Edward Worley and her son, Michael Worley. The Worley’s spent a great deal of time and energy renovating and restoring the house and turned it into the inn that exists today.

Dunleith boasts 26 guest rooms and suites, all of which have private bathrooms, antiques and antebellum period replica furniture and cable TV. Some have fireplaces and 16 feature whirlpool tubs. Of special interest to history lovers are the brick steps beside the house which are left from the original Routhland home that burned. There is also a dairy barn and The Gothic Carriage House, now the Castle Restaurant, which date back to the late 1700s and Routhland’s early days. You’ll also find a magnolia tree that is estimated to be over 250 years old.

10 Issaquah home
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Image by nicwn
Selling all the furnitures, hence posting all the pics

These were bought new for over 00 a few years ago and they have been sitting in the living room on our non-smoking home for decoration ever since. So, you’re paying 0 for this 99% new set!

Sofa & love seat is made of beautiful stain resistant fabric w/ floral pattern. (Country style?) Coffee and corner table are matching with beautiful stone tiles on top. Authentic perisan rug not included.

The reason why we’re selling is because we’re selling the house and moving out of Washington State. So, everything must go!

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